IPT 2021


While interning for Studio Ibid, Ana Bermudez and I teamed up to design a series of posters based on the theme of “Invisible” for the International Poster Triennial in Toyama.

Problem: How can you communicate the theme of invisibility in an ambiguous and abstract manner?

Client: IPT 2021

Role: Art direction and design
Timeline: January - February 2021
Collaborators: Ana Maria Bermudez and Milo Hopkins


I started my poster concepts by sketching the primary content and later transitioned to sketching out the layout of each poster. I then transferred my sketches to Illustrator and began bringing my posters to life. 

Once the digital versions were finalized and before sending them to the plotter, I tiled each poster for copy machine printing to test the color and anything else that required adjustments. 



For my first poster, I designed a simplified magnetic field, which is invisible, that surrounds a hypothetical planet.

Age of Surveillance

My second poster communicates the idea of constant surveillance whether through our technologies or social media platforms
and the desire to break free and find a solution to be invisible in an age of surveillance.