Inspired by a computer consultant at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, I designed a typeface known as Curinga. It is a sans-serif display typeface derived from square and circular forms. Its letters are rigid yet uniform, creating a robotic or digital appeal with round accents that add a sense of softness throughout. Curigna is specifically defined by its rounded edges and inner corners, flat surfaces, square shape, rounded notch, and unique tittle, which departs from its conventional form.

Client: Elizabeth Curinga

Role: Typeface Designer


I started my process by sketching a few typefaces I felt fit my client the best after interviewing her.

The accompanying Curinga maze was inspired by how technology is intertwined with our lives. Being a part of Generation Z has shown me the severe impacts of advancements such as social media on not only myself but relative age groups as well. Gen Z, in particular, is the first to be exposed to the internet from a very young age. Whereas others lived in a world where a smart phone wasn’t available in arm’s reach, our lives are entirely consumed with technology and social media from the very beginning, which has affected our offline experiences to a significant degree. We are the first digital natives. We have become entirely dependent on technology and virtual interactions. This interconnection is reflected by the merged chrome letters, which together create a maze, representative of the technological trap, us digital natives are continuously stuck in.

Curinga includes all uppercase and lowercase characters along with numerals and symbols.